Comparison of the Greek City-States: Athens vs Sparta

Comparison of the Greek City-States: Athens vs Sparta

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Athens vs Sparta! Learn all about the similarities and differences of the Greek City-States, Athens and Sparta! This short comparison with Kelly Macquire discusses the important differences between Athens and Sparta during the height of their power.

The government for Athens and Sparta were very different, with Athens being a democracy and Sparta being a dual monarchy. They both had an assembly in their government systems, however had different uses and restrictions.

Both Sparta and Athens had very strong military, but through rigorous training throughout the entire childhood of a Spartan boy, their army became feared throughout Greece. Athens dominated the sea with their navy, but put emphasis on the education of boys in a wide range of topics such as reading, writing, music and rhetoric.

One of the biggest differences between Sparta and the rest of Greece was the freedom they provided their girls and women. Not only were girls in Sparta educated, but they were permitted to exercise, compete in athletic events and own land. This was very different to Athens, who only taught their girls domestic skills such as weaving.

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