They discover the remains of five people in the tomb of Amphipolis

They discover the remains of five people in the tomb of Amphipolis

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Very often we receive interesting news from the world of history such as that which comes from Greece, where the Ministry of Culture of the Hellenic country has confirmed the finding of skeletal remains in the tomb of Amphipolis, an ancient Greek city dating from around 325-300 BC, in what is now the Macedonian region.

From the Ministry it has been reported that one of the skeletons found belongs to a woman over 60 years old thanks to the fact that it was identified by the bones of the skull, pelvis and jaw, several of them in excellent condition.

Faced with this discovery, they have not been slow to appear many rumors and one of the ones that has been getting more body is that it's about the mother of Alexander the Great, Olympia, person for whom the funerary monument where the body was found was supposedly built.

It should be noted that Olympia She was a queen with great power, very active and with a great capacity to influence many of the decisions about the military campaigns of her people, so it would be a discovery of importance if it really is her.

Thanks to the study of the morphology of other bones that were also found in this tomb, the existence of other bodies has been determined, in this case of two men between 35 and 45 years old. There is also another person and it is assumed that they are the remains of a very young child, possibly a newborn.

From this child the left jaw and a humerus have been foundAlthough it has not been possible to determine if it is a boy or a girl since it is quite difficult to determine the sex of the skeleton of such a young child because it is very complex.

Of the fifth person that has been found only a few bones were found, many of them quite long, which may suggest that they belonged to an adult and remains of cremated bones were also found.

They are nothing less than 550 bones that have been found, a few whole and others in several pieces. A striking detail is that no teeth have been found, only a root. Remains of animal bones have also been found and everything indicates that they are equines.

To all this we must add that the archaeologists in charge of this area found during last November and at a depth of 1.60 meters under the third chamber of this tomb, a limestone sarcophagus that inside has several remains of a wooden coffin and more human remains. We will have to wait to see how the investigations progress.

Credit images:Greek Ministry of Culture

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