Demonstrated, the inhabitants of Easter Island had contact with Native Americans

Demonstrated, the inhabitants of Easter Island had contact with Native Americans

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There have been many people who have affirmed that the Viking people came to the American continent before Christopher ColumbusThey also questioned some of Ibn Battuta's trips, some of those made by Captain James Cook, Commander Jakob Roggeveen or even those of Magellan.

Very interesting news has recently appeared about the inhabitants of Easter Island, where genomic evidence has shown that they had contact with the Americas long before the Dutch commander Jakob Roggeveen arrived with his ships back in 1722.

This evidence shows that the Rapanui people came to have significant contact with some of the Native American populations long before despite the great distance that separates Easter Island from the American continent

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According to Anna-Sapfo Malaspina, from the Museum of Natural History of Central Denmark and in charge of part of this research, the evidence found they certainly remember some of the first human populations that explored part of our planet and that although little was known about them, there is evidence of different trips.

The main archaeological evidence revealed that 30 out of 100 Polynesian men, women, and children arrived on Easter Island in approximately AD 1200. in large double canoes and that after settling on that lonely island was when they began to sculpt the moais, the famous stone heads of Easter Island, being around 900.

Despite everything, many people cannot explain how the Polynesians could get so far and without a reliable navigation system, which may reveal that the Polynesians, accustomed to life at sea, knew well the map of the stars and they could be guided by them during the nights of travel.

It is estimated that it would take several weeks to reach Easter Island and just as Easter Island had contact with the American continent, so did the Polynesian people because there is also evidence of the presence of the Andean potato in the Indian Islands. , even long before contact was reported by Europeans.

The investigations are continuing and it is not ruled out that sooner or later we may get another surprise regarding the contacts between peoples that supposedly had no relationship, which would force us to change the odd history book.

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