Skeletons of two Ice Age children found in Alaska

Skeletons of two Ice Age children found in Alaska

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A lovingly decorated grave recently discovered in Alaska, holds the remains of two 11,500-year-old newborns, being the youngest humans of the Ice Age found in the Western Hemisphere, experts explained.

Buried together, the scientists found the skeleton of a 12-week-old boy and the other of a late-term fetus, marking the first case of a prenatal burial in America.

The tomb was adorned with a red ocher cloak and complemented by hunting tools, known as handled bifacials, which are the oldest of their kind found in North America.

These objects along with the burial provide unprecedented insight into the nature of life and death rituals among some of the continent's earliest inhabitants.

«This mortuary treatment is the first of its kind in that area and there are no other Paleo-Indian burials that share these characteristics."Said Dr. Ben Potter of the University of Alaska.

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