New findings of the Wari culture in Peru

New findings of the Wari culture in Peru

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Archaeologists working at the Wari archaeological complex in the sector Vegachayoq Moqo, have made new advances that will shed light on the mysteries of pre-Inca society.

The Wari They were a civilization that lived in Peru from 500 AD. until 1000 AD Its capital was Wari, near the city of Ayacucho, in the interior of Peru. Mario Cueto Cárdenas, from the Ayacucho Culture Board, presented a report and is preparing an exhibition on the new Wari thanks to which we will be able to explore unknown spaces.

There are mysteries that will allow us to better understand its economic system and culture. Despite all the effort that has been invested, we only know a small percentage, which cannot be more than 10%”Said Juan Arango Claudio, local tourism official.

The advances, in addition to archeology, will also favor tourism. Details of the new findings to be announced in the coming weeks.

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