An early Christian basilica discovered in Bursa

An early Christian basilica discovered in Bursa

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During excavations in the Tophane walls of the Turkish city of Bursa The remains of a basilica from Roman times have been found that could be one of the oldest structures discovered in the northwest of the area.

The architect Íbrahim Yilmaz, in charge of the project of restoration of the walls of Bursa, said that the Tophane restoration covered an area of ​​1,200 square meters of the northern area, from the Saltanat Gate to the Kaplica Gate and that the project was divided into two phases due to the wide distance to be covered.

The first phase includes two large towers, A and B. During the excavations of the first, they found some remains of walls in the lower levels of the tower; what researchers originally believed to be the remains of a Roman basilica. To shed light on the questions raised about the remains and the history of Bursa, the excavations were deepened. When these were finished, a rectangular structure with marble columns and decorations was revealed.

Belonging to a early roman times, the basilica was used both as a court and as a religious sanctuary.

At interior of the basilica, in a burial chamber, they found the skeleton of a priest. For Yilmaz, the discovery of the structure will boost the city as a cultural and tourist center.

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