They organize an exhibition on the suffering of the Belgian people in the First World War

They organize an exhibition on the suffering of the Belgian people in the First World War

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As the centenary of the First World War, ceremonies and commemorative events take place. In Belgium, the government wanted to remember it through an exhibition with the name 14-18: Our History. The exhibition is already underway and can be seen at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History until April 2015.

Belgium did not play a major role in the war. Despite having declared itself neutral, the country was invaded by Germany as soon as the conflict began and he remained busy practically until the end of it. But that does not mean that the Belgians did not suffer its effects.

The Belgian government has organized the exhibition with the express aim of focus on the effect of war on the population. They wanted to avoid the fixation that has traditionally been devoted to the front and trench battles; for example, one section is dedicated to letters sent by ordinary Belgians. There will also be a replica of a "american store”, The name given to the stores that sold products obtained from the aid that the United States sent to Belgium.

The Belgian Defense Minister, Pieter de Crem, has emphasized that the important thing is to keep alive the memory of the suffering that ordinary people went through. "Our citizens were victims of chemical weapons and hunger and poverty were part of daily life”.

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