Neighbors denounce the abandonment of the San Francisco convent in Burgos

Neighbors denounce the abandonment of the San Francisco convent in Burgos

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In the Burgos neighborhood of Venerable, the neighbors have started a complaint campaign before the unprotected state of the ruins of the convent of San Francisco. The building, disabled for its religious functions since the Mendizábal confiscations of 1836, has been destroyed and graffiti and weeds roam freely by himself without any protection.

José Ramón Carmona sent a statement to Diario de Burgos to demand the cleaning of the walls as well as increase the security of the enclosure, which now consists of a simple fence that can be easily crossed. The tourist value of the old convent is also claimed, which could be included in a route on Isabel la Católica since it was the headquarters of the Archive of the Catholic Monarchs.

What little remains of the Franciscan monastery is perfectly described by the architect Álvaro Díaz Moreno in Bulletin 4 of the Fernán Gómez Institution: «The devastating news is that only a few jagged and dilapidated walls remain, with a molded arch, two arch-solios, a rose window with a six-pointed star hebraising tracery, two simply molded circular oculi, a shield and a sepulchral lauda with Roman writing , sad remains that remain after the disappearance of the Intendancy Park and the Municipal Warehouses, in the 80s of this century […]«.

Romantic, in the artistic sense of the word. In my adolescence both family and friends reminded me over and over that I was an inveterate humanist, as I spent time doing what perhaps others did not, believing myself to be Bécquer, immersed in my own artistic fantasies, in books and movies, constantly wanting to travel and explore the world, admired for my historical past and for the wonderful productions of the human being. That is why I decided to study History and combine it with Art History, because it seemed to me the most appropriate way to carry out the skills and passions that characterize me: reading, writing, traveling, researching, knowing, making known, educating. Disclosure is another of my motivations, because I understand that there is no word that has real value if it is not because it has been transmitted effectively. And with this, I am determined that everything I do in my life has an educational purpose.

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