The Vicálvaro site is open to the public

The Vicálvaro site is open to the public

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Madrid City Council allows visits to archaeological finds in the Vicálvaro neighborhood from July. In the neighborhood to the southeast of Madrid, a Paleolithic workshop has been discovered in which objects such as an ax from more than 300,000 years ago used for hunting are constantly discovered.

However, it is only about one of the 3,000 archaeological sites registered in the region. Thus, many others have been discovered, such as a Visigoth necropolis with more than 800 tombs and the remains of 1,500 individuals dating from the V and VII centuries of our era.

Faced with this situation, citizens and political groups of the opposition, IU and PSOE support a project to authorize and encourage public visits to these archaeological sites. Likewise, the initiative has the support of archaeologists and university teachers who got down to work when the remains of another find were transferred to another district.

In some cases, the creators of the initiative have to face obstacles such as planned construction of houses at archaeological sites, while in other cases, they are not opposed because they are land for facilities, on which a museum could be built.

«The important thing is that everyone has been in favor of archaeological excavations«, Says Luis Iglesia, president of the Los Ahijones Board of Spokespersons. Among its cultural projects, Iglesias intends to build a interpretation center with the Visigoth tombs.

According to Javier Baena, professor of History at the Autonomous University of Madrid, another archaeological activity that visitors could visit is excavation "active”.

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