They find a sculpture of a Mayan coronation

They find a sculpture of a Mayan coronation

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The mayan sculpture It was found in Homul, a pre-Columbian archaeological site in Peten, in northern Guatemala.

As reported by the director of the site Francisco Estrada-Belli, the piece reaches eight meters long by two meters wide, and has been found in a Mayan pyramid of the year 600 of our era. It was decorated with images of gods, leaders and a large inscription.

The director added that under the structure of the deposit there has been a grave with the remains of an individual, in addition to 28 ceramic containers and a wooden mask, which indicates that it may have been a ruler or a character of the Homul elite.

Thanks to investigations to find out the identity of this man and the historical context in which he lived, the decorative sculpture on the building, which was related to the grave.

Likewise, Estrada-Belli stated that the composition includes three characters sitting on a mountain, dressed in an outfit covered in various materials. On the one hand, jade, and on the other feathers belonging to the bird quetzal, which is a national symbol. The main character in the representation of the engraving has been identified as Och Chan Yoopat thanks to the hieroglyphic signs, which appear different compared to the others, and from the text under his image.

The archaeologist emphasized the fact that the figures next to him are two ancient gods, which offer the central character an object containing hieroglyphics. This scripture is thought to refer to a food offering.

Estrada Belli, who has worked with a team of Guatemalan archaeologists and excavators, recalled that the first investigation in Homul, dating from the Classic and Preclassic Period, took place in 1909, and was resumed in 2000, but had to be abandoned due to lack Of funds.

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