The mummy of an Irish child could be the oldest in the world

The mummy of an Irish child could be the oldest in the world

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It is discovered that the remains of a mummy found in a bog in Laois two years ago they date from 2000 BC, which makes them the mummified body of this oldest type in the world.

The remains belong to a young male from ago 4,000 years, 700 years before those of the well-known Egyptian pharaoh Tutankamon. It is believed that he suffered a violent death due to a sacrifice. It was unearthed in the Cúl na Móna swamp in Cashel in 2011 by a mill operator.

At first, experts thought that belonged to the Iron Age (500 BC - 400 AD), However, thanks to radiocarbon dating and after finding a wood next to the body, it was specified that the remains date from the Bronze Age, (2000 BC).

Eamonn Kelly, Curator of the National Museum of Ireland, said that the last mummy found in Ireland is from 1,300 BC, so “Cashel man”Is older.

According to Kelly, the remains were placed in a fetal position covered in peat (organic plant material) from the swamp.

His arm was broken, perhaps due to a heavy blow and there were deep cuts on his back apparently caused by a sharp blade, showing a violent death.Kellly reports.

Unfortunately, the mill damaged the head, neck and chestTherefore, it is impossible to determine the exact cause of death. However, Kelly believes that the wounds on the body together with the marks from the wooden stakes indicate that he is a victim of a human sacrifice.

It appears to be the same type of ritual observed in the late Iron Age, which is quite surprising because in this case it is much older"Kelly stated.

Since the hands and nails of other mummies are cared for Kelly thinks they were victims belonging to a privileged family. Anyway, this is not the case because they couldn't get their hands back. According to the expert, these victims were kings who had failed in their reign and had been sacrificed as punishment.

The museum awaits scientific results of the samples taken from the individual, to discover the type of food that he consumed before his death.

Thanks to the chemical composition of bogs, it is possible to maintain a body in good condition for thousands of years.

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