Discoveries from the award-winning Operation Nightingale

Discoveries from the award-winning Operation Nightingale

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The Defense Infrastructure Organization (DIO) worked with The Rifles to create a unique and highly successful program known as Operation Nightingale, helps wounded soldiers in Afghanistan prepare for civilian life.

The project helps the Ministry of Defense comply with its legal obligations and has also been recognized with the awards British Archaeological for its innovation.

The Operation Nightingale It is now in the second of its three stages of excavations and its targets are centered on a Saxon cemetery dating from the 6th century BC. So far, a spear, shield, gold leaf brooches, pearls and the skeletal remains of 18 skeletons have been found.

To the soldiers joining the program They are voluntarily helped to learn about excavations, surveying, mapping techniques, and even prepare reports with the findings, thus increasing their skills for publication and presentation.

During a excavation carried out last year Soldiers discovered 27 bodies, including those of Anglo-Saxon warriors, buried along with objects such as amber pearls and spear heads that will be deposited in the Wiltshire Heritage Museum.

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