They find a manuscript belonging to a great medieval thinker

They find a manuscript belonging to a great medieval thinker

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A hitherto unknown manuscript belonging to one of the greatest thinkers of the medieval times it has recently been found by academics at the University of Manchester.

Believed to belong to the writer Giovanni boccaccio 700 years ago, an Italian poet who wrote works such as the Decameron and the Elegy to Madonna Fiammetta. The manuscript had been kept in the library since 1963 and was previously known only to a few curators.

Dr. Guyda Armstrong, professor of Italian at the University of Manchester, explained that they will now try to digitize it with the aim that it can be shared worldwide.

In addition to his Historical importance, the manuscript is of great interest to Boccaccio scholars and to those who work on medieval translations and texts, as well as to those who investigate the different cultures of our past.

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