Graves of «vampires» found in Poland

Graves of «vampires» found in Poland

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In Gliwice, southern Poland, a cemetery has been discovered where they were buried dead under the practices of hypothetical vampires, similar to the large number found in Bulgaria that we have previously published.

Before the construction of a ring road, the archaeologists carried out an inspection of the place to the surprise of find four skeletons. In each case the individual had been buried with the head between her legs. According to some legends, this manner of burial prevented vampires from finding their way back to the world of the living. Another of the peculiar characteristics of this cemetery was that there was no trace of personal objects such as jewelery, belts or buckles.

In spite of not being able to set an exact date from when the bodies were buried, experts believe they may have been carried out in the Modern Age.

In addition to a vampire theory, There is also the possibility that they were victims of cholera, but there is still much research to be able to establish a hypothesis with greater security.

The latest case of supposed vampires that was registered within the Polish borders was in 1914 in Mierzwice Stare, a town in Mazovia. In this case, a skeleton was unearthed whose head had been cut off and placed between the individual's legs.

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