Sphinx dedicated to Menkaure found at Tel-Hazor

Sphinx dedicated to Menkaure found at Tel-Hazor

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In an excavation carried out in Tel-HazorIn northern Israel, part of a sphinx belonging to an ancient Egyptian king was unveiled on Tuesday. It's about the first statue dedicated to Menkaure that has been found so far. The Egyptian king ruled around 2,500 years before Christ and was one of the builders of the famous pyramids of Giza.

The sphinx It has hieroglyphics on its extremities dating from around the 3rd century BC and some of them detail the Heliopolis temple, place where the sphinx was initially located and which is an ancient city north of Cairo.

The Tel-Hazor deposit It is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country, capital of Canaan, founded in 2,700 BC. Destroyed in the 13th century BC it covers approximately 200 hectares. How the sphinx got to this place is a mystery since at that time Egypt did not maintain any kind of relationship with this area, so, most likely, it was part of the looting carried out by the Canaanites, who ruled between the seventeenth century and XVI BC in lower Egypt. Other options are that it was a gift from a later ruler or that it came to Tel-Hazor after the New Kingdom while ruling in Egypt Canaan.

The find was discovered in 2012 but it took several months for the restoration of the excavation to be promoted and for the hieroglyphs to be fully visible.

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