Medieval cities found in Cambodia's jungle

Medieval cities found in Cambodia's jungle

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A old medieval town called Mahendraparvata from 1,200 years ago has been found in Cambodia thanks to the revolutionary airborne laser technology.

The city includes temples that have been covered by the jungle for centuries, but which, perhaps thanks to that, were not looted. During the expedition an instrument called Lidar which was tied to a helicopter that crossed a mountain north of Angkor Wat for seven days.

During those days data were found and matched with the investigations that had been carried out for years by archaeologists. Through the laser they went visualizing structures with perfect square shapes that they were completing the map of a city that existed many years ago, something that through detailed study of the earth had not been possible.

More than 24 temples have been found and evidence of ancient canals, dikes and roads belonging to this city which was probably founded in 802 BC by the Angkor Empire. And it is that revelation that confirms that Mahendraparvata was a city and not just a collection of buildings, making it a discovery ready to be published in the Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences.

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