Sorolla's painting “Children on the beach” is auctioned for more than 3.2 million

Sorolla's painting “Children on the beach” is auctioned for more than 3.2 million

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The pictorial work "Children on the beach”From the famous painter Joaquin Sorolla It has been awarded at Sotheby’s, London, by auction and for a price of more than 3.2 million euros.

The painting was one more element of the lot auctioned with the name of European Painting of the XXI Century. This painting was put up for auction in an attempt to achieve the success of last November, in which another work entitled “Valencian fishermen”And belonging to the same artist, it broke a record and sold for 3,737,250 pounds.

Adrian Biddell, director of the Department of European Painting of the 19th century, explains that it is an exquisite work with great contemporary content which was originally sold to Sorolla María Bauzá de Rodríguez by Justo Bou, an influential Valencian dealer, and acquired by Francisco Pons-Sorolla, grandson and great connoisseur of the artist's work.

In the work a scene of the beach of Valencia is observed that creates the feeling of a native city. During the year in which it was painted, 1916, Sorolla made a pause in his work on the panels of “Vision of Spain"To give rise to four of his works of great creativity, among them"Children on the beach”.

The play recently auctioned, it has remained in the bosom of the family for sixty years participating in various exhibitions ranging from Madrid to New York.

But, this event is not entirely new since since June 2000 more than 60 works by Sorolla reaching an amount of more than 60 million dollars.

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