A new boost for archaeological tourism in Algeria

A new boost for archaeological tourism in Algeria

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Places where barley and wheat were grown 2,000 years ago and that surround Djemila, an Algerian city built in 96 AD. by the Roman army, has hardly changed since then.

Being one of the largest places in Africa in which tourism has been drastically reduced, it is intended that through the exploitation of these places contribute to increase the international tourism business. In addition, all the Roman cities in the north and center of Algeria enjoy high security, so this issue is not a problem.

In Djemila They are located from temples, prisons, altars and a baptistery of the fourth century, to a 2nd century amphitheater where shows are still held. In this place you can see mosaics in which hunting scenes or everyday life are depicted portraying men and gods that deserve great attention.

Boukhelifa, a senior official of the Algerian Ministry of Tourism, explains that they do not want to make mistakes like in other archaeological sites, therefore, the objective will be achieve tourism that respects nature and historical culture.

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