Four Phoenician sanctuaries on the Peninsula worshiped Astarte

Four Phoenician sanctuaries on the Peninsula worshiped Astarte

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Four sanctuaries located in the Peninsula present the same orientation, all of them coinciding with the sunset of venus, which indicates that worshiped the Phoenician goddess Astarte, as affirmed by archaeologists from the University of Seville and astronomers from the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.

During the study that receives the name of "Archeology of heaven. Astronomical orientations in protohistoric buildings in the south of the Iberian Peninsula”Carried out by César Esteban and José Luis Escacena, the sanctuaries of Coria del Río, El Carambolo, Satillo, Mesa de Setefilla, Tejada la Vieja and El Oral have been studied.

The study is based on the measurement with the greatest possible precision of the orientations of the buildings through which they are reflected. astronomical relationships between shrines. Although it is the first investigation to be carried out on buildings belonging to the Ancient Iron Age in this geography, some of the sites were already well known such as the Carambolo, el saltillo, Coría del Río and El Oral, and in which curiously it is found the same orientation.

In two of them there are altars in the shape of a bull's skin that could be linked to the cult of the Phoenician god Baal. In addition, the researchers found that the 55-degree orientation maintained by these shrines coincided with the setting of Venus.

Thus it is remembered once again that Baal and Astarte were the main gods those who worshiped in the pantheons.

The researchers will continue with the studies on this field as they help to understand the calendar and holidays that ancient societies had.

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