The registration period for the archaeological activities of the Cova de Sant Llorenç ends

The registration period for the archaeological activities of the Cova de Sant Llorenç ends

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As every year, the registration period has been opened for participation in the excavation days in the Manel cave, discovered in 1899, in the archaeological park of La Cova de Sant Llorenç, Sitges, Barcelona.

This cave is the longest in the area, La Mola, with a length of 788 meters. Its easy access and low difficulty make it a very popular place for hikers and spelunkers who can enjoy a series of galleries, the largest called ‘las ramblas’.

The Archaeological Park of Sant Llorenç It is an educational and leisure space designed to bring the public closer to the archaeological life forms of the archaeological sites that frame it; It consists of replicas of prehistoric camps and towns and archaeological spaces and simulations, which allow familiarization with both research techniques and prehistoric technologies and activities.

The archaeological excavations in the Cova de Sant Llorenç, will be held from June 16 to July 27, 2013 in 2 shifts. For more information, visit the Prehistory Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona or contact the person in charge of the conference at [email protected]

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