Private foundation finances the reconstruction of the church of San Lorenzo

Private foundation finances the reconstruction of the church of San Lorenzo

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The Church has had to delegate to the private sector the restoration of the Renaissance temple of San Lorenzo de Úbeda (Jaén), a city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The temple, an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1985, is located in the Red List of Heritage for its state of ruin.

Church, closed to worship since the Civil War, has been ceded by the bishop to the Huerta de San Antonio Foundation for a period of 50 years, 10 more extendable, for cultural use. The investment of 240,000 euros is expected to be financed in equal parts by the bishopric and the foundation, although the latter hopes to have the collaboration of employers and public entities.

The bishop of Jaén and the City Council of the municipality failed to reach an agreement on the restoration of the temple, the roof of a house attached to the temple still collapsed last month, so the bishopric has resorted to private collaboration. In addition, the technicians had already warned of the high risk index that can occur due to cracks and damp in the church.

The church of San Lorenzo dates from the century XVI Y It is located on an Almohad wall which was burned and looted during the Civil War. Thanks to private investment, it will now cease to be abandoned and will have the use it deserves.

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