The archaeological park of Roa opens its doors after a year of delay

The archaeological park of Roa opens its doors after a year of delay

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After a year from the supposed opening date, due to various complications and unforeseen events in the complete restoration of the place, at last, the archaeological park of Roa del Duero It will open its doors to the public in July this year. This site will make tourists "travel" to the city of Roa 2000 years ago.

Eduardo Cerda, head of Sierra Activa (a company that is being made and will take over the management of the archaeological park), has made public that although they are still finishing the props in Atapuerca, a set that will be transferred very soon to Roa, that the restoration works of the enclosure are in their final stretch and that he fully trusts that the park will be in operation in July, after a couple of weeks of testing that will take place in June.

It has also confirmed that, unfortunately, although the archaeological park is launched this year, they will not be able to fulfill their promise to carry out summer camps in 2013, a project that they will have to postpone until the summer of next year: “This summer we can only do guided tours and some complementary activities to get started, which is the important thing.«.

With these guided tours we cannot foresee the number of future visitors, but we can predict the number of workers, from the town of Roa itself: "3 vacancies will be needed to start, which added to the camps and activities will amount to 5 in a couple of years, vacancies for which we are already receiving resumes from interested people”.

Talking about the restoration of the place, on the tour of the enclosure you will be able to appreciate: light and water pipes, the creation of a pond and new exterior lighting, the construction of a toilet area for tourists and the planting of basic crops such as olive trees, vines and the wheat. The reconstruction of damaged walls and facades, the repair of the cabins from the Bronze Age and the placement of the props that will be transferred from Atapuerca.

An added value to the visit is the following objective that Sierra activa aims, mentioned by Cerdá: “We want to “transfer” visitors to La Roa from 2000 years ago, so our guides will be dressed in period clothes and will tell the story as if it were their own.”. The company trusts that with this method, Roa will take this park as his own, enjoy it and proudly advertise it to increase the number of visits.

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