El Salvador's “Pompeii” Needs Help

El Salvador's “Pompeii” Needs Help

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The only place El Salvador World Heritage Site, the pre-Columbian agricultural community called “The Jewel of Ceren”, Buried under a volcanic eruption, was personally visited last Tuesday by the UNESCO director.

Gustavo Milan, director of the Salvadoran cultural heritage, made a request: “The visit of the Jewel of Ceren is very important. We need help because the place needs constant preventive maintenance”.

Irina Bukova took a sightseeing tour of the site, located just northwest of the busy Central American capital, which had been buried by a volcanic eruption 1,400 years ago. The director general of UNESCO He contemplated the wonders of the archaeological park, where Mayan ethnic groups lived, such as the Mayan sauna, called "temazcal”, And the place where the shamans practiced their skills.

Irina has left the place with a solid understanding of her importance”Said Roberto Gallardo, an archaeologist who joined her on the visit, a place that became a World Heritage Site in 1993.

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