Greece claims for antiquities stolen by Nazis

Greece claims for antiquities stolen by Nazis

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Greece has opened a case for recover stolen antiques by the Nazis during the World War II, announced the senior officials last Friday.

The entire archaeological services are conducting the investigation, looking for photographs and drawings of objects lost during the period”, Commented the General Secretariat of Culture.

It adds that hundreds of thousands of Neolithic fragments were illegally dispossessed from Greece during the German occupation in the years 1941-1944 and that, in order for the pieces to be repatriated to their place of origin and to successfully complete the repatriation process, these Greek treasures will be scientifically reconstructed and captured through drawings in the coming months.

Greece believes it has the right to claim reparations for damages caused during the war in charge of the Germans, claiming that it had been forced to accept unfortunate terms during the 1950 negotiation.

The case has been classified as secret and sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Legal Consulate of the Greek State for the matter to be discussed further. For this reason, the Greek finance minister has reviewed the state archives for determine the economic amount of damages for Nazi crimes, which has concluded in the exceptional sum of 162 billion euros.

At Greece's request, Germany relies on the fact that has already faced a large part of the economic rescue in said euro zone and has reiterated that the German government has already paid very substantial sums in reparations through a bilateral agreement, which is why it flatly refuses to comply with the repair of the damage.

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