Book ‘The Library of Gold’ by Gayle Lynds

Book ‘The Library of Gold’ by Gayle Lynds

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Editorial Bóveda presents the new artwork by Gayle Lynds, «the Gold Library«, An action-packed book with certain historical overtones that make it very entertaining and agile to read.

For quite some time, both rulers and historians have turned to the search for the Gold Library of Ivan the Terrible in which there are manuscripts of great value bound in gold and precious stones, thus bringing together in a majestic way all the knowledge of humanity. But the search so far has been in vain and this treasure has not been found.

Tucker Andersen, a CIA agent, witnesses the murder of his best friend, Jonathan Rider, who, before he died, tells him about the existence of a large bank account that is related to Islamic terrorism, but also to the Library of Gold.

The first clues are directed towards a group of bibliophiles made up of people from all over the world involved in crimes. Tucker Andersen, helped by the son of his late friend and Eva Blake, will try to discover the motive that led to the murder of his best friend. London, Rome, Istanbul and Athens will be the scenes where this story of adventure and espionage will unfold.

Gayle Lynds considered the Queen of Espionage delights us with this work that will keep the reader in suspense between letters and pages until the truth is discovered.

Gayle Lynds is a best-selling author and has already won multiple awards for her spy thrillers. She lives in California and in addition to being a writer, she is the co-founder of International Thriller Writers (ITW).

I was born in Madrid on August 27, 1988 and since then I started a work of which there is no example. Fascinated by both numbers and letters and a lover of the unknown, that is why I am a future graduate in Economics and Journalism, interested in understanding life and the forces that have shaped it. Everything is easier, more useful and more exciting if, with a look at our past, we can improve our future and for that… History.

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