Doubts surround the "only" Iberian urn

Doubts surround the

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Silence and doubts surround a Iberian ceramic urn which was considered as “only”In January and discovered in an antique shop Campello, during a routine control by the Civil Guard. Now he is in the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, debating between falsehood or authenticity.

José Luis Simón García, belonging to the Department of Culture of the Regional Government, explains that dates back 2,300 years and in it hunting scenes are represented "incomparable”. But not everyone agrees with José Luis, like Carmen Aranegui, professor of Archeology at the University of Valencia, who thinks that it is a simple copy of other discoveries, as looks a lot like other restored fakes and that can currently be found on the international market for a value of 30,000 euros.

The aforementioned, added to the fact that the pieces do not show a great erosion, has been enough reason for the Alicante court is investigating it.

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