Next archaeological excavation in Torreparedones

Next archaeological excavation in Torreparedones

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In the archaeological park of Torreparedones, Córdoba, an excavation will be carried out in order to find some remains corresponding to an old hermitage oriented to the cult of Saints Nunilo and Alodia.

Part of the remains are visible due to a cleaning carried out in 2010 that discovered a series of Roman and modern walls, which could belong to part of the hermitage.

After having delivered the intervention project to the Delegation of Culture, now it only remains to wait for the appropriate authorization to be carried out. When permission is granted, it is anticipated that eight students from the Baena employment workshop carry out excavations between the eastern gate and the sanctuary, led by archaeologist Javier Ariza.

Torreparedones is also known by the name of Torres de las Vírgenes, based on the story that the virgins were martyred in that place during the government of Abd al-Rhaman II, in the year 851.

Through the documents that tell the story it can be known with certainty that there, in that place, the hermitage existed, at least during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. In 1644 Andrés de Morales and Padilla explored the hermitage proving its good condition and, for its part, the Castrato de Ensenada, dated 1752, describes the hermitage of the Virgins.

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