Excavation campaign in Cova de Guineo during the summer

Excavation campaign in Cova de Guineo during the summer

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Of the July 15 to August 5 there will be a excavation campaign in Cova de Guineu located in Font-Rubí, Barcelona, ​​organized by the Prehistoric Studies and Research Seminar (SERP) of the University of Barcelona.

The excavation will be carried out on the Final Neolithic times, Chalcolithic, Post-Cardial Neolithic and Cardial Ancient Neolithic.

During the excavations accommodation and meals will be offered to their workers, of which those who are available to offer their presence throughout the campaign will be chosen first.

If someone is interested in participating, they can contact them using the addresses [email protected] and [email protected], to which they can send their archaeological CV to access the selection process.

The SERP is a research group linked to the Department of Prehistory, Ancient History and Archeology that was founded in 1986, with this project it aims to investigate the palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and the study of cultural evolution in Cova de Guineo, a place that could reveal many of the secrets of our ancestors.

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