They discover the statue of a lion that guarded an Etruscan tomb

They discover the statue of a lion that guarded an Etruscan tomb

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During the excavations carried out in the Banditaccia necropolis in Cerveteri, Rome, archaeologists have recently found a lion statue and an etruscan tomb.

The lion statue it is crouched and is made of volcanic tuff, dated 6th century BC. The piece is in good condition and you can see well-defined muscles and legs. The Lion of Cerveteri It is the first statue to be found in the place representing this mammal. It was located at the foot of what experts have considered an altar dedicated to funeral rites, in this way the role played by the statue was to be "Guardian" of a tomb found just a few feet away.

The aforementioned tomb was in the basement, rectangular in size and equipped with a staircase through which it was accessed. The tomb dates between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. and when archaeologists entered it they discovered 20 skeletons of which seven were well preserved. Experts believe that the tomb belonged to an elite family, with a woman being the most prestigious of her clan.

In addition to the skeletons, they were found ten inscribed stones and a hoard containing ceramic and bronze funerary objects.

The etruscans They inhabited west-central Italy from the 9th century BC, reaching their peak in the 6th century BC. The Cerveteri necropolis contains a large number of tombs through which schemes are shown that reproduce the streets, neighborhoods and squares of the Etruscan city.

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