Rams from the First Punic War found

Rams from the First Punic War found

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A colloquium organized by the University of Oxford aims to study the findings so far found in the place where the naval battle between Rome and Carthage. It's about the First Punic War, which lasted 23 years and in which control over Silicia was disputed.

In the Egadi Islands Project they have been found so far 10 dewclaws, of which a large part has been recovered from the seabed off the western coast of Silicia. Each one weighs around 125 kilograms, is made of bronze and was located on the prow of warships, being used to ram enemy ships. These spurs are a rare type of find and on these are a series of inscriptions in the language spoken by the people of Cartago.

In addition to this finding, also a whole series of helmets and amphorae have been found They offer an authentic example of the environment in which the naval battle took place, since much of the Punic culture was destroyed as a result of the wars between Rome and Carthage.

Although the knowledge about the ancient warships still very limited, the rams provide unprecedented evidence, not only about their use in warfare but also about the construction of the ship they were a part of.

The information provided by the remains leaves aside the obvious image we have of the Romans as “freshwater sailors”To give place to another more warrior.

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