Recovered the coveted garum sauce from the Roman Empire

Recovered the coveted garum sauce from the Roman Empire

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A old elite fish sauce, which was treated as a delicacy during the history of the Roman Empire, has been recovered by four researchers from the University of Cádiz, according to the newspaper The Independent of Cádiz.

Between the historical qualities of garum sauce There were curative and aphrodisiac properties which, despite being false, managed to increase their consumption and popularity. With the death of the Empire, the way of making this sauce was buried under secrecy, falling into oblivion with the arrival of the Middle Ages.

Fini Sánchez, Víctor Palacios, Álvaro Rodríguez and Ana Roldán, members of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cádiz, only had a few writings in their hands, most of them incorrect, when they entered the world of gastronomy.

After joining up with a group of archaeologists from the UCA, who they had found solid and undamaged remains of garum in a corner of Pompeii buried under Vesuvius, they managed to find most of the clues that would allow them to make this famous sauce throughout the Empire. Enrique García, specialized in history and belonging to the University of Seville, contributed his knowledge to interpret the data collected in the writings.

Much combination and patience were needed until manage to find this sauce of color between green and brown that had been made with blue fish, Mediterranean spices and salt. The sauce was so expensive then that today, five liters of it would have cost us three thousand euros, hence only the Emperor and the highest elite had the honor and pleasure of enjoying this delicacy.

At the moment financing is being sought and a company that support your marketing. Perhaps soon we will have it on the table of our weddings, banquets and communions in the purest style of the high line of ancient Rome.

Apparently There were several salsa models that fit almost all kinds of pockets., the most expensive was the call Garum flower and among its most prominent ingredients was mackerel or tuna. Curiously, the sauce that was created in the province of Cádiz was reputed to be the best. The almond reinforced it with a deeper flavor, constituting a garum whose fame spread throughout the West.

The UCA team will continue with the objective of finding the peculiarities of a food that was born from the salted fish of Bologna, since its qualities change a lot depending on the place where they have been prepared, thus, the one produced in Baelo Claudia is not the same as the from Pompeii, Cartagena or Greece.

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