Remains of the Castellón wall will be covered for their protection

Remains of the Castellón wall will be covered for their protection

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Following the agreement of the municipal plenary remains of the old medieval wall of Castellón, found at the confluence of Gobernador and Escultor Viciano streets, can be seen under a special methacrylate cover for your protection.

This has been confirmed by Alfonso Bataller, mayor of Castellón, who says that it is a technical solution that will make the care of the find compatible with the works on the TRAM platform. The roof will facilitate that both residents and tourists of Castellón can appreciate at least part of these remains.

For a few months they have been developing in the place consolidation works and protection of the canvases of the wall, thus allowing to discover and analyze a part of the valuable historical heritage.

Bataller explained that he has always relied on the role played by favorable technical reports and the opinion of technical experts, to guarantee the start-up of the TRAM as well as the urban integration while adding appeal to the city by viewing the wall.

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