Puffin AMc-29 - History

Puffin AMc-29 - History

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(AMc-29: dp. 225; 1. 90'2"; b. 20'0"; dr. 10'6"; s. 9 k.; a. 4 .50
cal. mg.)

Puffin (AMe-29) was built as wooden dragger Mary Jane by Snow Shipyard, Roekland, Maine, in 1936, acquired by the Navy 25 November 1940, and commissioned 2 May 1941, Lt. O. R. MeClean in command

She was assigned to the 1st Naval District with a homeyard of Boston. From 2 May to 8 December 1941 she operated out of Boston on inshore patrol. From then until 11 May 1943 she was part of the local defense force at Portsmouth, N.H. For the next nine months she continued to operate on the east coast.

Puflin decommissioned at Boston 18 February 1944 and, on 12 June 1944, was reclassified Small Boat No. C-i3546. She was delivered at Norfolk to WSA and sold to her former owner 20 April 1945. She was struck from the Naval Vessel Register 29 July 1947.

The AUDUBON OSPREY NEST CAM - HOG ISLAND, MAINE is located at the Hog Island Audubon Camp near Bremen, Maine. Hog Island is located within the National Audubon Society's 300-Acre Todd Wildlife Sanctuary. Hog Island Audubon Camp hosts six-day birding, ornithology, and natural history programs for adults, teens, and families during camp season. Read more about these fun and interesting programs, or sign up for a camp session.

Rachel, our first resident female Osprey at Hog Island, was named in honor of Rachel Carson, who brought attention to the impact of the pesticide DDT to wildlife. You may be interested to read Steve Kress's blog in the Huffington Post. It is about Rachel Carson and the osprey named after her. The saga of Hog Island Ospreys (plus their offspring and occasionally other Ospreys) continues, as Osprey Steve and his current mate return each year. Be sure to tune in to find out what happens next!

Also visit the AUDUBON OSPREY BOAT HOUSE CAM, which sits on the mainland atop the Audubon boat house.


Nest Placement

Atlantic Puffins nest in colonies on small islands covered in short vegetation, typically in the turf soil at the tops of steep, rocky cliffs. In some colonies in the north of the puffin’s range, nests are placed in crevices or beneath boulders.

Nest Description

Atlantic Puffins dig a shallow hole or burrow into the ground with their bill and feet. Both sexes share the task, with the male typically doing more excavation than the female. On rocky islands they make a nest under a boulder or within a crevice among the rocks. Pieces of grass and twigs often line the bottom of the burrow. Pairs tend to reuse the burrow year after year.

Nesting Facts

Covered in dark gray down.


Horned Puffins begin their courtship as soon as they arrive back at the breeding sites. Male and female swim alongside each other, the male raising and opening the bill, jerking the head, and even bringing his bill to rest on his back. The female retracts and lowers her head in response, then faces the male, and the two rub their bills together, jerking their heads and opening and closing their bills, giving a popping sound. This courtship display continues at the nest site and through the breeding season, especially when adults exchange places at the nest during incubation or brooding. These “billing” displays sometimes occur between Horned Puffins of the same sex that have adjacent nests, suggesting that the display has multiple functions. Males sometimes nibble at the nape or legs of their mates and also present them with nest material in their bills. If challenged by an intruder of their own species at the nest site, both male and female drive away the challenger with open bills and flapping wings.

How to Watch the Puffins Responsibly, Without Injuring Them or Yourself

These cute, silly-looking little birds are free and wild animals. Their appearance is the result of millions of years evolution and they were not created to make people giddy and happy. It is understandable that we, curious as humans are, would like to explore nature and connect with it on a personal level, but we need to keep in mind that we can do serious harm unwittingly. Ultimately, we are responsible for protecting them.

Puffins do not often show any fear towards humans and approaching them very closely seems to be easy. But this doesn’t mean that they want to be touched or that they enjoy our company. Touching a puffin is actually very harmful to them as their feathers have special properties that deflect water. Petting them ruins this. Please always be respectful towards the birds. Touching and feeding them is the worst thing you can do.

Furthermore, approaching them too closely around the edges of cliffs is very dangerous. The grassy turf slopes hide a network of tunnels where the birds have dug burrows for their eggs. These holes can easily collapse when we step on them, which is extremely dangerous close to the thrilling cliff edges.

The safest and least harmful behavior at the bird cliffs is to lay down quietly in the grass, approaching them very slowly and quietly, and watching them motionlessly. Emulating a nature photographer is the best way to go.

‘Meme stock’ rally rescues AMC theaters from $600M debt

This week’s bizarre “meme stock” rally, which has delivered lottery-like windfalls for holders of GameStop stock, also wiped out $600 million in debt owed by the AMC theater chain.

That’s because, on Wednesday, a private equity firm named Silver Lake — and private equity firms are popularly considered the “bad guys” in this snobs-versus-slobs drama — elected to convert the corporate bonds it held into AMC Entertainment Holdings stock. Although the theater chain’s stock price has tumbled and soared since the move, the debt relief is permanent.

In November, AMC was warning investors that “there is substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern.” The reason is obvious: the COVID-19 pandemic has savaged the movie theater business, and the broader stimulus, payroll, and recovery actions by the U.S. government have done little to prop it up.

GameStop’s stock market explosion, explained

However, on Monday, AMC CEO and president Adam Aron painted a less bleak outlook for the company, after it secured $917 million of new equity and debt capital, saying in a news release, “This means that any talk of an imminent bankruptcy for AMC is completely off the table.”

Wiping out more than half-a-billion dollars in debt, though, should take a lot of pressure off AMC in the short term. “A week ago, it was not crazy to think this company was doomed,” Bloomberg’s Matt Levine wrote on Thursday. “Now it is entirely possible that it will survive and thrive and show movies in movie theaters for decades to come because everyone went nuts and bought meme stocks this week.”

As of this weekend, AMC was third on a list of U.S. stocks being short-sold the most Redditors in the r/WallStreetBets subreddit, and elsewhere, have piled into these shorted stocks because, essentially, institutional investors are betting the companies will fail and their share prices will go down. The collective action of Reddit’s day-traders (“retail investors,” as the industry calls them) has driven some share prices up, with GameStop’s headline-making rally leading the charge.

Yet, by converting their AMC debt holding to AMC stock, the Silver Lake equity firm has gotten hurt by a falling stock price, too. The conversion price for the bonds Silver Lake held was $13.51 Silver Lake cashed in on Wednesday, when AMC’s shares ended the day at $19.90, more than 400% better than the day before. Smart move, right?

Well, AMC’s share price at publication time Friday was about $15 — but it closed Thursday at $8.63. So, unless Silver Lake found some other sucker to buy the stock before it bottomed out, they’ve been riding a roller coaster that at best has them about 5% to 7% ahead of their original position, with no guarantee of staying there.

“I don’t really know what those convertible holders were thinking but there you go,” Levine wrote. “Maybe they were thinking, ‘Wow, Redditors really want to buy this stock, we’d better get some stock to sell them.’”

GameStop’s stock price was $19.95 on Jan. 12 when Reddit’s disruption-minded investors made their move. It closed at $193.60 on Thursday after eclipsing $400 that morning, the first major drop for the stock since the feeding frenzy began. GME, at publication time, is still $348.

The company on Thursday issued its first public comments since its stock became front-page news all over the world. GameStop’s statement, however, concerned the 100 score it received from the Human Rights Campaign for its LGBTQ workplace equality practices. The company avoided talking about its stock altogether, even though its market capitalization is (on paper, of course) now $24.2 billion.

Analysts are assuming that the hype for GameStop, AMC, and other stocks will cool off as short-sellers either give up, are no longer forced into buying the stock to cover their losses, or U.S. regulators finally intervene. The Biden administration on Wednesday said Treasury secretary Janet Yellen and her economic advisors were monitoring the situation.

The mobile trading app Robinhood on Thursday suspended or restricted trading in GameStop, AMC and other stocks in response to the mania, a move that drew condemnation from lawmakers as disparate as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Correction: This story has been updated to correct timing on a statement from AMC and adds a quote from AMC CEO and president Adam Aron.

Puffin Browser

Having first seen the light of day as an iOS mobile browser, Puffin Browser has meanwhile made its way to the PC as well, bringing a neat set of features oriented towards responsiveness and ease of use, which would probably cater to a wide assortment of needs.

Sporting an uncluttered user interface, Puffin Browser for PC provides you with all the basic tools you probably employ on a regular basis while surfing the Internet. As such, you can effortlessly open multiple tabs within a window, turn to incognito browsing for a plus of privacy, as well as easily manage your downloads and history, which means you can easily clear them.

Lets you browse incognito and manage history, downloads, bookmarks, more

Aside from that, support for bookmarks is provided, even though the feature is rather rudimentary for the time being since you cannot organize your favourite websites into folders. All you can do is add them to a generic list, but search features are integrated for a plus of convenience.

What&rsquos more, specifying whether you want to continue from where you left off or open a new tab at start-up is possible, as is the case of selecting your search engine. Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that users can only go for one of the pre-defined options, namely Google, Bing, NAVER, and Yandex.

Then, indicating a download location should raise no difficulty whatsoever, and various content settings can be accessed as well, meaning that you can easily handle cookies, passwords, and popup windows.

Integrates cloud computing tech for lightning-fast browsing sessions

While this may all sound like features any decent browser must integrate, what differentiates Puffin from similar programs is its distinct focus on speed. It manages to offer that by introducing its cloud computing technology, which allows it to turn to select servers to preprocess and compress the websites you are visiting.

In turn, this translates to the fact you can access web pages more quickly than under normal circumstances, not to mention that all the traffic is encrypted, and as a result, using public insecure WiFi should pose no risks whatsoever. In any case, if you prefer to revert to local mode, disabling the cloud server is one click away.

Promising browser focused on speed and privacy

All things considered, Puffin Browser is a new arrival on the PC that could have a bright future. The application provides you with a straightforward means of surfing the web, and its indisputable focus on speed and security could turn it into a reliable browsing companion if you are curious to give it a shot.


Step 1: Download the android emulator software program Andy and it&rsquos miles to be had at no cost. Click right here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy via clicking at the installer record you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software program is prepared for use, begin it and whole the join up manner and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play save app and use its search device to go looking Puffin Web Browser download.

Step 5: Find the Puffin Web Browser and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the sport and you can now play Puffin Web Browser on the computer the usage of a mouse or your keyboard and even your contact display screen, you could use the manipulate button to emulate the pinch feature to zoom inside and out.

Step 7: You also can set up a faraway control app shape here for remotely having access to the sport: Andy faraway manage app

It also lets in the person to have complete internet revel in, not like maximum browsers for cellular gadgets. But in case you need, you can trade it to &ldquocellular&rdquo.

In addition to the exquisite pace, this system has support for Adobe Flash. Those who visit many websites with animations and video games will experience this feature. The Puffin Web Browser additionally permits playback of Flash motion pictures with complete display screen.

The Puffin nevertheless consists of a mouse generation. With it, you may set off a virtual trackpad at any time, and use it to govern the mouse cursor as if it were a computer.

This browser has specific features just like the theater mode, the gamepad features virtual Add-ons (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, Translator and more) and the fastest JavaScript engine. So, download and do that first-rate browser.

Audubon Puffin And Scenic Cruise

See firsthand the National Audubon Society’s success in reestablishing a puffin colony on Eastern Egg Rock. Truly a magnificent “Seafari” for all nature lovers with seals, blue heron, an occasional whale, and other coastal wildlife along the way.

The cruise is narrated by the National Audubon’s Puffin Project so you get the history of puffins and the Eastern Egg Rock restoration directly from people involved with the project.

We also pass by 3 lighthouses (Ram, Burnt, and Pemaquid Point), see many islands, coastline, Fisherman’s Island, Ocean Point, Spruce Point, Tumbler Island, White Islands, and much more! This is much more than just a ride out to see the puffins!

Our Promise

Our team does their best to provide you with a high quality experience and has a long-history of conducting successful trips. However, like all wildlife, puffins move around all of the time and follow their own migration patterns. If no puffins are sighted on YOUR trip, you will receive a standby ticket good for another puffin cruise, or other cruises. Sorry, no refunds. Please see Terms and Conditions.

Watch the video: Puffins. National Geographic